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Killing the Enemy Tank

September 27, 2010


New Point Weapon :D

September 27, 2010

Today I bought this awesome Point Class gun that is very effective and powerful (In my standards).

I also just leveled to a sergent.

Soccer Stadium : Death Matches

September 26, 2010

Soccer StadiumDeath Matches

Well, while I was playing some AVA I decided to take some snapshots of the Soccer Stadium… so here they are 😀 :



Insane Sniper Shot

September 25, 2010

Insane Sniper Shot

Check out this sniper hit I was going to make on my target 😀

Alliance of Valiant Arms

September 25, 2010

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Hey everyone! As of right night I’m addicted to

Alliance of Valiant Arms, which means I will be making posts about it until I finally beat the game. I hope you sit back, read, and enjoy these upcoming posts.

Here watch a video about Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA for Short):